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One Perfect Day Full Movie (2013)

One Perfect Day Full Movie (2013)

One Perfect Day is a South Korean romance film directed by Kim Jee-woon. Starring Yoon Kye-sung and Park Shin-hye

One Perfect Day Plot

Note: short film

Looking for the right girl for him, a man named Un-cheol goes on a series of unsuccessful dates. Building up in a disastrous blind date with Yoo-jin, awkward banter, stupid jokes, and complete insensitivity to her feelings leads Yoo-jin to leave him while they’re playing the game rock-paper-scissors. Un-cheol reminded his father that taught him rock-paper scissors and gave him some life lessons.

As Un-cheol just wandered the streets that night, he found a missing dog, which he returned to its owner, Eun-hee. The young lady insists on giving him a monetary reward, but instead, he asks her to play rock-paper scissors with him. The condition is, if he wins, she goes on a date with him, but if he loses or it’s a draw, he walks away and never bothers her again.

One Perfect Day Cast

Actors / Actresses: Yoon Kye-sung, Park Shin-hye, Park Soo-jin, Ahn Nae-sang, Kim Beop-rae, Lee Min-ah, Jung Seung-ah

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