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Part-Time Spy Full Movie (2017)

Part-Time Spy Full Movie (2017)

Part-Time Spy 2017 is a South Korean action- comedy film directed byKim Deok-su. Starring Kang Ye-won and Han Chae-ah.

Part- Time Spy Plot

Determined to find a job, Jang Young-sil became a part time worker at the National Security Agency. Incompetent but kind hearted personality puts Young-sil’s carrer into on and off situation. Like for some instances, Deputy Department Head Park fired her because she is useless for the job, but automatically hired her back when Deputy Park became a victim by a group of swindlers. Young-sil accepts Deputy Park’s offer though she knows it will endanger her life. Jang Young-sil’s assignment is to spy a company that hooked the Deputy Park account and bring back the amount at all cost. 

In the process by doing her task, Young-sil and police officer Na Jung-an crossed paths. Jung-an is also on her move to get information about the business and tracking who really is the chairman of the company. 

Police officer Na Jung-an’s characteristics compared to Young-sil are far way different . She is hot-tempered, strong, vulgar, always gets into action and most of all beautiful. Both Young-sil and Jung-an are eager to get what they want secretly.

Part- Time Spy Cast

Actors / Actresses: Kang Ye-won, Han Chae-ah, Namgoong Min, Jo Jae-yeon, Dong Hyun-bae, Kim Min-kyo, Kim Sung-eun, Nam Seong-jin, Kwak Ja-hyoung  

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