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Please Don’t Save Me Full Movie (2020)

Please Don’t Save Me Full Movie (2020)

Please Don’t Save Me 2020 is a South Korean drama film directed by Jung Yeon-kyung. Starring Cho Seo Yeon and Choi Ro Woon 

Please Don’t Save Me Plot

After the tragedy happened to her father,  Seon Yu and her mother move to a new place to have a new life. Seon Yu seems to be adjusting to the new school. She shows outstanding performances in school, is good at drawing and making new friends. Most of all, she gets a lot of attention from prankster Jeong Guk. By the time Seon Yu’s life, which casts a dark shadow, is gradually brightening up, her grandmother shows up to collect her father’s death benefit. Everyone at school starts to learn about her situation. Due to economic poverty and her late father only left a big debt, Seon Yu’s mother suffers a lot to make a living. As a child, Seon Yu felt all the pain her mother has gone through to the extent that she allowed the idea to end their miserable life together. Seon Yu neglects all the help and puts herself away from others, not until she opens her eyes and starts accepting this called “pure love”. 

Please Don’t Save Me Cast

Actors / Actresses: Cho Seo Yeon, Choi Ro Woon, Yang So Min, Kim Sun Hwa, Lee Hwi Jong, Lee Seon Hee

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