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Punch Lady Full Movie (2007)

Punch Lady Full Movie (2007)

Punch Lady 2007 is a South Korean actiondrama film directed by Kang Hyo-jin. Starring Do Ji-won, Park Sang-wook, Sulli, and Son Hyun-joo

Punch Lady Plot

Witnessing how his father beat a thief, marks a deep impression on young Ha-eun. Now that she’s old, married to Joo-chang, a mixed martial arts champion, Ha-eun became a victim of domestic violence. Joo-chang makes her as well as their daughter Chun-sim’s life miserable. Ha-eun is so weak and afraid to fight back, she couldn’t even protect Chun-sim over her husband. One day, Joo starts beating Chun-sim and when he is to hit Chun-sim’s head using golf clubs, Ha-eun strikes him first straight on his head…a pan. 

In the next scene, Ha-eun is bailed out by her friend and wants to go home, but her friend and Chun-sim are against the idea. Days passed, Chun-sim finds a job as a waitress just to secure their living. An old friend (to be exact, her ex-boyfriend) showed up and invited her to attend his fight on the ring, the opponent is her husband Joo. Ha-eun is hesitant to go and watch the fight because she, herself, is still traumatized by her last experience with her husband’s hand. But she felt guilty and so came to watch the match, the match that breaks her soul watching her ex-boyfriend die due to a dirty and unfair fight she saw, the fight that makes her angry to the extent that she challenges her husband for a match.

Not seeing it coming. Ha-eun is pushing herself to the limit only to win. To get revenge for being abused, justice for her ex-boyfriend, punishment for not treating her right, and Chu-min as human. Ha-eun is now out of her shell, shaking and a little bit scared to see even the shadow of her husband, but yet, she is determined and eager to see her husband’s bleeding by her own fist.        

Punch Lady Cast

Actors / Actresses: Do Ji-won, Park Sang-wook, Sulli, Son Hyun-joo, Lee Joo-sil, Kim Kwang-sik, Kim Ji-wan, Kim Byung-chul, Lee Mi-yoon, Son Kwang-eop, Seo Min-yi 

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