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Quick Full Movie (2011)

Quick Full Movie (2011)

Quick 2011 is a South Korean action- comedy film directed by Jo Beom-go. Starring Lee Min- ki, Kang Ye-won and Kim In-kwon 

Quick Plot

Han Gi-soo is a real fast biker, no one ever defeats him when it comes to biking. He is the king of the road. Myung-sik is his closest rival on motorbiking fields and even in Ah-rom’s heart. After Gi-soo and his group made a big fuss while running wild on the streets one night everybody’s life had changed. Gi-soo uses his skills as a delivery man. While Myung-sik became a police patrolman and for Ah-rom, she succeeded in her career as a famous band rapper called “OK”. 

Their paths entangled once again only by chance when Gi-soo delivered the package to Ah-rom (real name Chun-sim). Gi-soo was about to leave after giving the package to Ah-rom but Ah-rom quickly put on the helmet and demanded Gi-soo to drop her off to her concert as a favor. Gi-soo refused right away and tried to take off the helmet at Ah-roms head but it was locked. Suddenly he received a call from an unknown caller threatening that Ah-roms head will blow once they remove the helmet. The two were convinced that the caller was serious when suddenly an explosion just right behind them happened.

Gi-soo and Ah-rom’s situation became rocky and popular with the police after their names showed up involving the series bombing incident. Myung-sik offered himself to help solve the case because he knew the two very well and for the hope that this time he will take down Gi-soo and win Ah-roms heart. 

Quick Cast

Actors / Actresses: Lee Min- ki, Kang Ye-won, Kim In-kwon, Ko Chang-seok, Xu Fan, Yoo je-kyoon, Kim Byung-chul, Kim So-jin, Yoon je-moon, Ma Dong-seok.   

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