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Rampant Full Movie (2018)

Rampant Full Movie (2018)

Rampant 2018 is a South Korean actionhorror film directed by Kim Sung-hoon. Starring Hyun Bin and Jang Dong-gun

Rampant Plot

During the Joseon Dynasty, King Lee Jo is known as overly deferential to the nearby Qing Dynasty in China. Crown Prince Lee Young, his son, plots to buy European arquebuses to drive away from the Qing. The plot is exposed by War Minister Kim Ja- joon, who has influence over the king and frames it as a rebellion. Kim meets the Europeans and learns that they have brought zombies called “night demons”. The crown prince commits suicide as punishment so that his subordinates will be spared. Joseon forces destroy the European ship and retrieve the arquebuses, but a Joseon soldier is bitten by a zombie. He returns to his village, where he turns and spreads the infection. The zombies crave human meat and blood, are attracted by sounds, repelled by sunlight, and are stopped by decapitation or piercing of the heart.

The crown prince left a letter to his younger brother Lee Chung before he died asking him to bring his wife and their son in China for their safety. Lee Chung has left out of Joseon’s order of succession and went abroad. When he returns with Hak-Su, his companion, they are attacked by zombies. Luckily they were rescued by Minister Kim and other ministers who are plotting a coup. Together, they fight against Kim Ja- joon and the living dead. Reinforcements of soldiers and commoners later arrive to exterminate the rest of the zombies. Lee Chung recognizes that through the power of the people, ruined Joseon still has hopes for existence, and elects to stay rather than go back to Qing China.  

Rampant Cast

Actors / Actresses: Hyun Bin, Jang Dong-gun, Kim Eui-sung, Jeong Man- sik, Jo Woo-jin, Lee Sun-bin, Seo Ji- hye, Kim Dae-gon, Han Ji- eun, Jo Dal-hwan

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