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Red Eye Full Movie (2005)

Red Eye Full Movie (2005)

Red Eye 2005 is a South Korean horror film directed by Kim Dong-bin. Starring Jang Shin-young and Song Il-kook

Red Eye Plot

Oh Mi-sun has just started the job as a stewardess on a train. It’s been 15 years since the night train called “Red Eye” to Yeosu leaves Seoul station and crashes killing 250 people, now it runs again, on the same line for the last time. But it has incorporated some of the coaches from the old crashed train. Among the victims was Mi-sun’s, who was a conductor at that time and some blamed him for the tragedy. Mi-sun has psychic powers that were previously unknown to her and start getting glimpses of the spirits of those who died in the crash fifteen years prior. Frightened by what she saw, Mi-sun couldn’t help but embrace the ability she had.

The mystery has begun, unsettling incidents occur and two passengers are murdered by supernatural means inside the train. The train was supposed to stop at the next station to unload two dead bodies but it goes through the station because of a crazy young couple who are intent on crashing the train. They were the two siblings who were in the first train crash with their parents. The passengers were panicking thinking that they had nowhere to go as the train sped up and about to crash. Mi-sun tries to stop the two siblings and help all disturbed spirits to become at peace.  

Red Eye Cast

Actors / Actresses: Jang Shin-young, Song Il-kook, Kwak Ji-min, Lee Dong-kyu, Kim Hye-na, Kim Hyun-sook, Jun Yuk-san, Jang So-yeon

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