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Reversal Of Fortune Full Movie (2003)

Reversal Of Fortune Full Movie (2003)

Reversal Of Fortune 2003 is a South Korean romance, mysterycomedy film directed by Yong Woon-park. Starring Kim Seung-woo and Ha Ji-won

Reversal Of Fortune Plot

A promising career as a professional golfer, Kang Seung-wan is now down on his luck stock exchange worker, and in debt to local gangster Ma Kang-sung. Driving his car through the tunnel, a lot of things come to his mind…such as a big and beautiful house, becoming rich, a nice car and so on. All of a sudden, a car showed up just straight in front of him. It was very fast, Seung-wan saw the driver’s face from the other car…it was him.

Seung-wan wakes up and finds himself in an alternate reality where he fulfilled his sporting ambitions, he is now a famous golf champion. While staying in a parallel universe, it is way far compared to the real world where he came from. His father is alive, had a secret affair with his best friend’s girlfriend now an actress, Kang-sung is his father’s private doctor, must compete in a major golf tournament despite not having played for over thirteen years, most of all he now has a wife who wants a divorce. Seung-wan got to deal with it, the life of being rich and famous, controlled by his father, had a miserable relationship with his wife, all this matter makes Seung-wan under pressure. There is one thing he is sure to accomplish at this point…for his father,  he wants to speak out what he really likes to do to his life and for his wife, he showed love and sincerity as a husband and made an effort saving their marriage.      

Reversal Of Fortune Cast

Actors / Actresses: Kim Seung-woo, Ha Ji-won, Kang Sung-jin, Lee Moon-sik, Ko Ho-kyeong, Im Chang-jung, Park Kwang-jung, Im Yoo-jin, Jeon Soo-kyung 

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