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Rockin’ On Heaven’s Door Full Movie (2013)

Rockin’ On Heaven’s Door Full Movie (2013)

Rockin’ On Heaven’s Door 2013 is a South Korean drama film directed by Nam Taek-soo. Starring Lee Hong-ki, Baek Jin-hee, and Ma Dong- seok

Rockin’ On Heaven’s Door Plot

A famous Korean pop star with a temper (Chung- ui), one night got into trouble. To cover him up with such shameful behavior, his manager sent him away to a remote area to do community service at a hospice for dying patients. Chung- ui complies with whatever his managers asked him to do to save his image to the public.

Unwilling at first. Chung- ui hates his chores and dislikes the people around him, but as he gets to know their stories, he becomes attached to them. The hospice struggles with funding, leading to a possible close-down, so the hospice in-house band, “The Phoenix Band” decides to apply to a talent show on television. The problem is, they don’t have an original song, so they ask Chung- ui to help them. This time, Chung- ui is playing hard-to-get but then tries to use the opportunity to reduce his sentence days. He ends up seriously changing his mind about music, his behavior and grows to accept his mother’s death while helping the patients achieve their dreams. Even after the death of the band members, he continues to revive The Phoenix Band each time, assisting new patients.

Rockin’ On Heaven’s Door Cast

Actors / Actresses: Lee Hong-ki, Baek Jin-hee, Ma Dong- seok, Im Won-hee, Jeon Min- seo, Shim Yi-young, Jeon Soo- kyung, Choi Kwon, No Kang-min

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