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Romantic Warrior Full Movie (2003)

Romantic Warrior Full Movie (2003)

Romantic Warrior 2003 is a South Korean action, fantasycomedy film directed by Yoon Je-kyoon. Starring Kim Min-jong and Choi Sung-guk 

Romantic Warrior Plot

Yo-yi is desperate to have a good life with his younger sister, he ends up hanging around with “Romantic Warrior” known to be a competent assassin to make money. One day, the group hired to bring back the runaway concubine but somehow got lost in a forest and stuck in a house haunting spirits of women who died with bitter grudges. Unaware that the tripped assassins are that amateur, the female ghosts believed that they could make use of them to take revenge on those who killed them. And so the “Romantic Warrior” joined forces with the ghost warrior to bring down the man who killed them and finally they could ascend to heaven. In the process of their plan, sadly, Yo-yi’s precious sister dies.  

Romantic Warrior Cast

Actors / Actresses: Kim Min-jong, Choi Sung-guk, Jin Jae-young, Shin Yi, Hwang Shin-jung, Lee Mae-ri, Shin Jeong-eon, Jin Woo, Jin Goo, Kim Heung-soo, Ko Joo-yeon, Kang Sung-pil

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