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Room No.7 Full Movie (2017)

Room No.7 Full Movie (2017)

Room No.7 (2017) is a South Korean comedythriller film directed by Lee Yong-seung. Starring Doh Kyung-soo and Shin Ha-kyun

Room No.7 Plot

Doo-sik is an owner of a DVD store who plans to sell it fast. His type of business is not just selling tapes but a small motel hoping for more considerable earnings but he realizes it only puts him in deep debt. Meanwhile, if Doo-sik’s concern is his downfall business, Tae-jong, his part-time employee, is also struggling for money for his tuition fees, rental, and food, and having late payments is an additional burden. Tae-jong had to lend money to provide for his needs. Both men have the same difficulties, both suffer and have to strive a lot and are vulnerable to any offers even if it will put them in an advantageous stage.

One day in room no.7, Doo-sik and Tae-jong sealed each one’s secrets. Doo-sik hides his employee’s corpses after accidentally getting electrocuted, while Tae-jong hides an illegal drug. In room no.7 a bond begins for Doo-sik and Tae-jong.    

Room No.7 Cast

Actors / Actresses: Doh Kyung-soo, Shin Ha-kyun, Kim Dong-hyung, Kim Jong-soo, Kim Jong-goo, Park Soo-young, Jeon Seok-ho, Hwang Jung-min, Jung Seung-gil

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