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Scandal Makers Full Movie (2008)

Scandal Makers Full Movie (2008)

Scandal Makers 2008 is a South Korean comedydrama film directed by Kang Hyeong-heol. Starring Cha Tae- hyun, Park Bo-young, and Wang Seok- hyeon

Scandal Makers Plot

Nam Hyeon-soo works as a radio DJ. Hwang Jeong- nam is one of the avid listeners and sends stories about her life. She is a single mom and raised her child alone since her mother passed away. She still had a father and when she asked DJ Hyeon-soo’s opinion whether to meet her father or not. DJ Hyeon-soo answered that it would be better for Jeong- nam to meet her father to settle everything. 

One evening, DJ Hyeon-soo was at big surprised when a lady and a young boy knocked on his door saying that she is Jeong- nam and she is her daughter, who came from the womb of Huang Bogyung the woman whom DJ Hyeon-soo lose her virginity way back on his high school life.

DJ Hyeon-soo was very concerned about his image and his career that might end with nothing if people will find out his record. He tried to bribe Jeong- nam even though he knew that the DNA result was positive that she really is his daughter. But Jeong- nam was firm to stay at his apartment with her 6- year old boy or else she will make a scandal if DJ Hyeon-soo continued to refuse to accept her and his grandson. 

DJ Hyeon-soo feels restricted on his movement every day, he knows that the issue behind him is like a ticking time bomb that will explode anytime if he will not be very careful in every decision he will take.  

Scandal Makers Cast

Actors / Actresses: Cha Tae- hyun, Park Bo-young, Wang Seok- hyeon, Im Ji-kyu, Hwang Woo- seul- hye, Im Seung- dae, Jeong Won- joong, Kim Ki-bang

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