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Shadows In The Palace Full Movie (2007)

Shadows In The Palace Full Movie (2007)

Shadows In The Palace 2007 is a South Korean mysterydrama film directed by Mi-jung Kim. Starring Park Jin-hee and Yoon Se-ah

Shadows In The Palace Plot

A group of gungnyeo (a palace women in Korea during the Joseon Dynasty) had its own hidden dynamics that unfold between them. They offer themselves only to the well-being of the royal family,  secrecy, submission, and celibacy as what they have sworn during initiation. 

During that time, the kingdom has an heir from a royal concubine (Hee-bin), but unfortunately, the queen mother never gives recognition to Hee-bin being a lowlife concubine, she only wishes Hee-bin’s son to be adopted by the queen as her own. Hee-bin’s on the other hand hesitates to proceed with this, fearing she will be disposed of once the adoption is official.

One morning, as the court maids go about their work, one of them, Wol-ryung, also Hee-bin’s most trusted maid, is found dead. Initially assuming it to be suicide, Chun-ryung, the royal medic, discovers as she proceeds with the autopsy that Wol-ryung was actually strangled. She also discovers that there are signs that the maid had given birth at some time in the past, which would have been absolutely forbidden under palace rules. Ignoring orders from her superiors to wrap up the case quickly, Chun-ryung sets off in search of answers.

Chun-ryung starts digging up the case. Suspicion of Wol-ryung’s involvement in an affair with a teacher at the nearby school, the torture of a mute court maid, a beheading, and finally the records of the king’s nightly visits to his concubine, an elaborate scheme spearheaded by Hee-bin’s advisor transpires, where Wol-ryung was chosen to bear the crown prince, and later murdered to hide the truth of the baby’s origin.       

Shadows In The Palace Cast

Actors / Actresses: Park Jin-hee, Yoon Se-ah, Seo Young-hee, Im Jung-eun, Jeon Hye-jin, Kim Sung-ryung, Kim Nam-jin, Kim Mi-jyung, Moon Ga-young, Ye Soo-jung 

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