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She’s On Duty Full Movie (2005)

She’s On Duty 2005 is a South Korean actioncomedy film directed by Park Kwang-chun. Starring Kim Sun-a and Gong Yoo

She’s On Duty Plot

On duty, Chun Jae-in hides her identity as a detective, she disguises as a cool girl. The team is positioned all over the sea port, when the gang leader shows off with the client, hot tempered Jae-in takes action. Though the operation went successful, Jae-in was almost blown to anger because she never thought that it was a joint operation with the other team lead by detective Cho who took credit.

High ranking officials had a hard time discussing on how to capture Bae Doo-sang and eliminate his group. Detective Chun, Jae-in’s uncle was very upset about the case but sooner later, he created a unique plan the moment he saw his niece Jae-in. Never the less, Jae-in totally cooperates on his uncle’s plan. The assignment is to go undercover in a high school and be befriend Seung-hee, the daughter of notorious gangster Cha Young-jae, protect her from any of her father’s enemies who may want to use her as bait, as well as get information about her father’s work from her.

Jae-in is considered a loser when she first steps into her class, and the gang girls confront her afterward and challenge her to a fight, being a policewoman she easily beats them up. This earns her some respect, although what Jae-in really wants is Seung-hee’s friendship. She gets this with the help of Kang No-young, a handsome classmate and next-door neighbor who she starts to like, however, Jae-in thinks her crush is wrong because of their age difference.

The competition between Jae-in and detective Cho goes deeper, it seems that Cho is also into Cha Young-jae’s attention and another problem shows up, during the intense scenario Jae-in uncover’s No-young true identity.    

She’s On Duty Cast

Actors / Actresses: Kim Sun-a, Gong Yoo, Nam Sang-mi, Ha Jung-woo, Noh Joo-hyun, Kim Sang-ho, Park Sang-myun, Kim Kap-soo, Oh Kwang-rok, Hong Soo-ah, Choi Bool-am

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