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Show Me The Ghost Full Movie (2021)

Show Me The Ghost Full Movie (2021)

Show Me The Ghost 2021 is a South Korean horrorcomedy film directed by Kim Eun-Gyeong. Starring Han Seung-Yeon, and Kim Hyun-Mok

Show Me The Ghost Plot

The story of two best friends Yeji and Ho-du, both seeking jobs and needing a house to rent.  Gladly, they get a fully furnished house with a low deposit and low monthly rent. But to their dismay, they find a ghost living in the house. Disparate to have money, and leaving in such a crappy house, they try to find a new tenant and run away from the ghost. The more they wanted to escape from the haunted house, but the more they got stocked. Until one day they found a solution and that is to do a so-called self-exorcism with the help of a self-proclaimed exorcist. 

Show Me The Ghost Cast

Actors/ Actresses: Han Seung-Yeon, Kim Hyun-Mok, Hong Seung-bum, Im Chae- Young, 

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