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Slow Video Full Movie (2014)

Slow Video Full Movie (2014)

Slow Video 2014 is a South Korean romantic– comedy film directed by Kim Young-tak. Starring Cha Tae-hyun, Nam Sang-mi and Oh Dal-su

Slow Video Plot

Yeo Jang-boo has a dynamic visual acuity, he can visually discern fine detail in a moving object that ordinary people cannot, as if he’s seeing the world in slow motion. Due to his special ability, Jang-boo has to constantly wear sunglasses, which made him a target of bullying at school and throughout his childhood. He spends 20 years isolated and alone, but his talent proves to be a gift later in life when he finally goes out into the world and ends up working at his neighbor’s CCTV’s control center. One day while watching passersby on screen, he recognizes his first love Bong Soo-mi. Despite being fearful at social interactions, Jang-boo sets out to win her heart.

Slow Video Cast

Actors / Actresses: Cha Tae-hyun, Nam Sang-mi, Oh Dal-su, Ko Chang-seok, Jin Kyung, Yooyoung, Kim Kang-hyun, Choi Sung-won, Jung Yun-seok 

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