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Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter And Spring Full Movie (2003)

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter And Spring Full Movie (2003)

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter And Spring 2003 is a South Korean dramaromance film directed by Kim Ki-duk. Starring Yeong- su Oh and Kim Yeong-min

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter And Spring Plot

Spring… a young Bhuddist apprentice living in a floating monastery in a pristine forest with his master who raised and helped him to become a good one. 

Summer…  and so the child monk is now at his teen, vulnerable to any temptation, it is a difficult stage of his life. A girl came with her mom in the monastery seeking for help and hoping she will be healed with unspecified illness. The master agrees to take in the teenage girl for a time. The apprentice finds himself sexually attracted to the girl as they get along, but is too shy to say anything.

Eventually the two head off into the forest and have intimacy, repeat the act over the next few nights, hiding their relationship from the master, until he discovers them asleep and naked, drifting around the lake in the rowboat. As the master discharges the young girl as she recovers from illness, the teen monk chooses to follow the girl’s path.

Fall…  turning into an adult, being not forgotten where he came from, saw himself in front of the monastery…crying, begging for forgiveness, repentance. As the master witnessed his falling apprentice, the rest he could do is to help him unload his sin. After the police take the apprentice, the master, knowing that his life is at its end, builds a pyre in the rowboat. He seals shut his ears, eyes, nose and mouth with paper.

Winter…  paroled, the now middle-age apprentice returns to the frozen lake and to his former home, which has been drifting uninhabited for years. He finds his master’s clothes, laid out just before his death, and digs his master’s teeth out of the frozen rowboat. He carves a statue of the Buddha out of ice, wraps his master’s “sarira”.

And Spring…  spring and the cycle starts again. The new master lives in the monastery with the abandoned baby, now his apprentice.     

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter And Spring Cast

Actors / Actresses: Yeong- su Oh, Kim Yeong-min, Yeo-jin Ha, Jae-kyeong Seo, Jung-young Kim, Jong-ho Kim, Ji Dae-han, Choi Min, Kim Ki-duk

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