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The Beauty Inside Full Movie (2015)

The Beauty Inside Full Movie (2015)

The Beauty Inside 2015 is a South Korean romanticmystery film directed by Baek Yong- yul. Starring Han Hyo- joo. The film is about a man who wakes up every day in a different body.

The Beauty Inside Plot

On his eighteenth birthday, Woo-jin wakes up to see a face and body that is not his own. He is very shocked and confused, he confronts his mother about his new appearance and she is also shocked but tearfully accepts him for who he is. There is no solution to Woo-jin’s problem, it is a big mystery for him why he keeps on changing faces and bodies after sleeping. He got used to it and embraced the situation. He was thankful that his childhood friend (Sang- baek) stood by his side and was very supportive all the way.

As a living, Woo-jin and his friend managed to own business furniture, Woo-jin design chairs, and tables for their customer. One day he met Yi-soo, a sales lady in a furniture store. He couldn’t take his eyes off the lady, he was attracted to Yi-soo from the start. Every day he always comes to the store just to see Yi-soo. The chance has come when Woo-jin introduces himself to Yi-soo with a handsome, tool and at 30’s looking, guy. They became friends and full to each other without telling his secret to Yi-soo, he refuses to sleep, he’s too afraid that his body and face will transform into another if it will happen. But he failed, he turned into a male adult and bald when he took a nap inside the train on his way home. Woo-jin didn’t lose hope to make things possible toward Yi-soo and so he decided to tell the truth. At first, Yi-soo’s reaction was so upset, she researched Woo-jin’s case if it existed, started asking Sang- baek and Woo-jin’s mom about him, and then confronted Woo-jin as her final move. 

Because of love, Yi-soo learns to accept Woo-jin despite everything, the two face bravely all the circumstances and promise not to give up the relationship they have.

The film uses many actors and actresses in Woo-jin’s characters, surely it will make the viewers cry and laugh from start till the end of the story.    

The Beauty Inside Cast

Actors / Actresses: Han Hyo- joo, Park Seo- joon, Lee Dong- hwi, Moon Sook, Lee Geung-young, Lee Mi-do, Shin Dong-mi, Park Shin- hye, Kim Joo-hyuk, Lee Jin- wook

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