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The Chaser Full Movie (2008)

The Chaser Full Movie (2008)

The Chaser 2008 is a South Korean thrilleraction film directed by Na Hong-jin. Starring Kim Yoon-seok, Ha Jung-woo, and Seo Young-hee 

The Chaser Plot

Tailing his female employees after seeing the record that some of them are still at large, Joong-ho is very upset. Joong-ho’s business went upside-down and is now in financial trouble. One night, he commands Mi-jin to service a customer, despite her protests over her sickness. Joong-ho then realizes this customer was the last to see his missing girls. Having the feeling that this customer might have something to do with his women, nevertheless, he sends Mi-jin in so that she can forward the customer’s address to him. Joong-ho contacts his old police task force for help, but for some reason, they cannot assist him.

That night, Mi-jin went inside the house of her customer named Yeong-min. She fails to contact Joong-ho due to the bathroom having no cell service. The horrific scene came next, which Min-jin never expected to happen in her whole life. Yeong-min binds Mi-jin, her struggles prevent her murder with a chisel, so Yeong-min hits her with a hammer, knocking her out. Waiting outside and hoping for Mi-jin to contact, Joong-ho starts getting anxious about his girl. Until he catches Yeong-min who tries to act as if he is mentally ill.

The Chaser Cast

Actor / Actresses: Kim Yoon-seok, Ha Jung-woo, Seo Young-hee, Koo Bon-woong, Kim Yoo-jung, Jung In-gi, Park Hyo-joo, Choi Jung-woo, Min Kyeong-jin, Oh Yeon-ah, Kim Sun-young 

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