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The Dude In Me Full Movie (2019)

The Dude In Me Full Movie (2019)

The Dude In Me 2019 is a South Korean comedyfantasy film directed by Kang Hyo-jin. Starring Jung Jin-young, Park Sung-woong and Ra Mi-ran

The Dude In Me Plot

Two people switch each one’s soul by accident.

Kim Dong-hyun, a high school student that is easily bullied by his classmates, a loser kind of and a papa’s boy. While Jang Pan-su is a fearless crime boss, ambitious and no one dares to  cross his line. The two switch souls after Dong-hyun falls into the building when he tries to help Oh Hyung-jung (his secret crush). On the other hand, Pan-su is standing just below the building where Dong-hyun falls and hits on Pan-su.

At the hospital, Pan-su wakes up first noticing that everyone he meets addresses him as a kid, when he looks in the mirror he is at Dong-hyun’s body… the big, fatty body of a teenage boy. It all boils down for Pan-su, all he can do is recall everything that’s just happened prior to the incident. He figured out the old lady in the food house that seemed to give him warning, he also study Dong-hyun’s character and helped Mr. Jong-ki (Dong-hyun’s father to solve the case), visited his wife (eventually his boss’ daughter) but it shows a negative effect. The last source he relies on is Manchul, his trusted assistant.

Pan-su being Dong-hyun, acted well. He is now performing a multi-task as a student, as a boss, as a lover to his long gone Oh Mi-sun and as a father to Oh Hyun-jung (also Dong-hyun secret crush).

Pan-su and Dong-hyun meet at long last. That’s when Dong-hyun woke up and went straight ahead to their house, feeling terrified, knowing that he’s not on his own body he also had the feeling that his father won’t believe him. The two compensate by solving their problem while hoping to switch back to their own body. 

The Dude In Me Cast

Actors / Actresses: Jung Jin-young, Park Sung-woong, Ra Mi-ran, Lee Jun-hyeok, Lee Soo-min, Kim Kwang-kyu, Kim Hyun-mok, Yoon Kyung-ho, Park Kyung-hye,    

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