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The Flu Full Movie (2013)

The Flu Full Movie (2013)

The Flu 2013 is a South Korean dramasci/fi film directed by Kim Sung-su. Starring Soo Ae, Jang Hyuk and Lester Avan Andrada

The Flu Plot

A shipping container that carries illegal immigrants from China to Seoul was retrieved by the two brothers (Ju Byung-woo and Joo Byung-ki) but all passengers have been found dead, only one survives. They take sole survivor Monssai and cellphone video of the bodies to show their boss in Budang, but Byung-woo becomes sick and Monssai escapes. The brothers go to a pharmacy where the contagion is passed on to others who spread it throughout the city.

In Budang City, Dr. Kim In-hae is dismissed for losing important data when her car fell down a mine shaft the previous day. Her bag is retrieved from the shaft by ERT members Kang Ji-goo and Bae Kyung-ub. Ji-goo hands over the bag to In-hae’s daughter Mi-reu.

The virus spreads too fast, it transfers from one person to the other in a second. Byung-woo’s condition worsens and he begins vomiting blood. His brother takes him to an emergency room, where he is isolated with the unknown flu. In-hae finds the cellphone video and theorizes that conditions in the shipping container allowed the virus to mutate. Byung-woo dies, and Byung-ki exposes several of the hospital staff.

The number of people showing pronounced symptoms increases the following day. With help from the KCDC, the hospital staff locates and incinerate the shipping container. Meanwhile, Monssai saves Mi-reu from being struck by a car. He then avoids her, aware that he is a carrier of the illness. Mi-reu calls Ji-goo to help search for the sick man, but they have no success. Rumors of the outbreak spread and people began to panic. Ji-goo saves a woman who falls from an escalator and loses sight of Mi-reu.

The City of Budang is at stake, the President declares a lockdown throughout the city, and every citizen forcibly put into a quarantine area while looking for Monssai believing that he carries the antibody that can cure the virus.  

The Flu Cast

Actors / Actresses: Soo Ae, Jang Hyuk, Lester Avan Andrada, Park Min-ha, Ma Dong-seok, Yoo Hae-jin, Lee Hee-joon, Kim Ki-hyeon, Cha In-pyo, Lee Sang-yeob

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