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The Housemaid Full Movie (2010)

The Housemaid Full Movie (2010)

The Housemaid 2010 is a South Korean dramatic, erotic- thriller film directed by Im Sang-soo. Starring Jeon Do-yeon and Lee Jung-jae

The Housemaid Plot

Eun-yi who works in a restaurant had been hired as a helper for Hae-ra (who is pregnant) and Mr. Hoon, who came from a wealthy family. Eun-yi’s task is to watch over Nami (Hae-ra and Mr.Hoon’s daughter). Eun-yi is eager to connect to the family, who gradually warms to her. Hoon begins to secretly flirt with Eun-yi, enticing her, and eventually starts a sexual relationship.

Byuong-sik, (Hae-ra’s childhood maid) witnesses Eun-yi and Hoon having sex. She warned Eun-yi but the girl only ignores it. As to stop Eun-yi, Byung-sik reveals her suspicion that Eun-yi is pregnant to Mi-hee (Hae-ra’s mother). Mi-hee then visits the family and begins her demonic act over Eun-yi. To prove whether Eun-yi’s pregnant or not, Mi-hee pushed the ladder where Eun-yi is at top of a set of stairs. At the hospital, Eun-yi learns that she is pregnant and think about abortion. The affair is revealed to Hae-ra.

Eun-yi’s act puts her in the position of becoming dwarfed by the consequences of her actions.

The Housemaid Cast

Actors / Actresses: Jeon Do-yeon, Lee Jung-jae, Seo Woo, Youn Yu-jung, Ahn Seo-hyun, Park Ji-young

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