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The Man From Nowhere Full Movie (2010)

The Man From Nowhere Full Movie (2010)

The Man From Nowhere 2010 is a South Korean actionthriller film directed by Lee Jeong-beom. Starring Woo Bin, Kim Sae-ron, and Kim Hee-won

The Man From Nowhere Plot

Cha Tae-sik is a quiet man running a pawnshop. He had this girl named So-mi as his neighbor, her mother Hyo-jeong is a go-go dancer and heroin addict. 

Hyo-jeong steals a large pack of heroin as she is told by her boyfriend and hides it in a camera bag, which she pawns to Tae-sik for safekeeping. But that action endangered her as well as So-mi as the crime lord Oh Myung-gyu was looking into the heroin. The brothers Man-Seok and Jong-seok were the ones who retrieved the drugs as ordered by Oh Myung-gyu.

The mission went successfully for the two brothers. They killed Hyo-jeong, kidnapped So-mi, and ransacked Cha Tae-sik place just looking for the heroin. Tae-sik has a soft spot for So-mi, Jong-seok forces him to deliver the drugs to Oh Myung-gyu or else they will kill the girl.

Now Cha Tae-sik felt pity for So-mi and was his way to save the girl that put his life full of action. Cha Tae-sik, the man from nowhere slowly reveals his true identity as the police officers dig on his records.      

The Man From Nowhere Cast

Actors / Actresses: Woo Bin, Kim Sae-ron, Kim Hee-won, Kim Sung-oh, Kim Tae-hoon, Thanayong Wongtrakul, Kim Hyo-seo, Lee Do-gyeom

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