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The Pirates Full Movie (2014)

The Pirates 2014 is a South Korean action, adventure- history film directed by Lee Seok-hoon. Starring Kim Nam-gil and Son Ye-jin

The Pirates Plot

A former Jeseon soldier Jang Sa-jung became a bandit leader due to treason. Being a vanguard, he and his friend Joong were against the conspiracy led by their high ranking military officers. The plan was to overthrow Goryeo, attack General Choe Yeong and all soldiers will retreat. Mo Heung-gap, is an ambitious vanguard chief who quickly drew his sword and attacked Sa-jung but instead Joong was the one who got killed when he tried to block Heung-gap. Sa-jung defeated Heung-gap, he was rescued by other soldiers and left the camp as wil as Heung-gap wounded.

Meanwhile, at the sea, an intense fight going on between pirates led by Captain So-ma and his trustee mate Yeo-wool against the Chinese merchant. The pirates ambushed the Chinese ship as they intercepted a golden buddha and slaves being transported. Captain So-ma, a furious captain and a slayer pirate of the sea became corrupt and power hungry. Yeo-wool and other pirates dislike what captain So-ma becomes, that night Yeo-wool ends his life in a duel and replaces his throne as the new captain.

A glorious moment has arrived, when Chinese government grants a Royal Seal to the people of Joseon. Han Sang-gil, a Joseon official, carried the Royal Seal back to the palace and among the other demands from Chinese government. But they encountered a giant whale that smashed the naval vessels into pieces, unfortunately the whale swallowed the Royal Seal. And so to evade punishment from the King, a twisted story was created, diverting a story that puts all pirates and bandits lives in danger.      

The Pirates Cast

Actors / Actresses: Kim Nam-gil, Son Ye-jin, Lee Geung-young, Shin Jung-geun, Choi Sulli, Yoo Hae-jin, Kim Tae-woo, Oh Dal-su, Park Chul-min, Kim Won-hae, Lee Yi-kyung

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