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The Priests Full Movie (2015)

The Priests Full Movie (2015)

The Priest 2015 is a South Korean supernatural, mystery- thriller film directed by Jang Jae-hyun. Starring Kim Yeon- seok, Gang Dong-won, and Park So-dam

The Priests Plot

Father Kim gets close to a young girl (Young Shin) who becomes comatose after a hit-and-run accident. Young Shin’s body becomes a host of a bad spirit ( the strong one ). It catches the eye of the priest’s circulation and they believe that the demon-possessed at Young Shin’s body is one from the “12 False Idols”. And so they have given the task to Father Kim to handle these matters together with a wayward young seminarian named Choi who is unsure about spiritual warfare, try to exorcise the demon and confine it in a piglet. Members of Rosicrucianism warned Father Kim that two of their priests were killed by this demon.

During the exorcism, the demon manifests, inflicting unnatural bodily rashes. Choi initially runs out halfway during the exorcism procedure but decides to return and this time he is determined to finish what they started.

When they try to free the girl from the demon’s powerful hold, they realize that the demon they are fighting is an ancient one named Malphas and is more dangerous than they ever thought. However, they manage to confine it in the piglet, but the police arrive and try to arrest them for killing Young-shin, acting on a complaint by her extremely traumatized parents. Choi runs out with the pig and faces many obstructions but he successfully drowns it in the river as instructed by Father Kim. Young-shin who was considered dead shows signs of life, and Father Kim’s and Brother Choi’s rashes disappear.

The Priests Cast

Actors / Actresses: Kim Yeon-seok, Gang Dong-won, Park So-dam, Kim Eui-sung, Son Jon-hak, Lee Ho-jae, Nam Il-woo, Kim Byeong-ok, Cho Soo-hyang, Park Woong, Lee Jeong-yeol, Kim So-sok. 

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