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The Righteous Thief Full Movie (2009)

The Righteous Thief Full Movie (2009)

The Righteous Thief 2009 is a South Korean actioncomedy film directed by Jeong Yong- Ki. Starring Lee Beom-Soo, Kim Su-Ro and Song Dong-Il

The Righteous Thief Plot

A family of thieves that are well organized, highly trained and disciplined to obey rules not to become a mob. Hong Mu-Hyeok is the 18 generation descendant of Hong Kil-Dong ( just like the famous Robin Hood character in modern times ). He is a music professor by day and a thief by night. He and his whole family rob corrupt individuals and help the poor. Lee Jeong- Min, a businessman known to bribe politicians for personal gains, he always been the target of the Mu-Hyeok family. But above all, prosecutor Song Jae-Pil is also eager to bring down Jeong- Min but couldn’t find a way how unless he will make a deal with Hong Kil-Dong’s descendants. 

The Righteous Thief Cast

Actors / Actress: Lee Beom-Soo, Kim Su-Ro, Song Dong-Il, Lee Si-Young, Kim Do-Young, Kim Ja-Ok, Jang Ki Bum, Park In-Hwan, Ko Eun-Mi, Jo Hee-Bong,   

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