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The Sword With No Name Full Movie (2009)

The Sword With No Name Full Movie (2009)

The Sword With No Name 2009 is a South Korean action, dramahistorical film directed by King Yong-gyun. Starring Cho Seung-woo and Soo Ae 

The Sword With No Name Plot

A bounty hunter that lives day- to- day catching fugitive during the Joseon Dynasty, Mu-myeong did not expect  his life to become meaningful, that’s when he first met a beautiful noblewoman and fell in love. He was stubborn and determined pursuing Ja-young though he only had a small chance. By that time, Ja-young’s priority was to enter the royal palace and to be married to Emperor Gojong as the next queen of Joseon. Mu-myeong never stops chasing Ja-young, he joins the royal guard just to be near Ja- young, staying loyally by her side as she navigates politics and rises to the throne to become the Empress Myeongseong.

Myeongseong modernized the dynasty by breaking it off from its solitary kingdom psat while avoiding being colonized by Russian and Japan. She got entangled in a political struggle and became an enemy of others. Her life’s at stake as threats against her grow, Mu-myeong protects her by fending off assassination attempts by foreign and domestic enemies. 

The Sword With No Name Cast

Actors / Actresses: Cho Seung-woo, Soo Ae, Chun Ho-jin, Choi Jae-woong, Kim Young-min, Park Min-hee, Go Soo-hee, Song Hee-yeon, Lee Yong-nyeo

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