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The Tower Full Movie (2012)

The Tower Full Movie (2012)

The Tower 2012 is a South Korean actionthriller film directed by Ji-hoon Kim. Starring Son Ye-jin and Kim Sang-kyung

The Tower Plot

Lee Dae-ho is a single father who takes care of his daughter Hanna all by himself, an earnest employee at Tower Sky (a luxurious building complex in Seoul), and is secretly in love with Seo Yoon-hee, a restaurant manager. Mr. Jo, the owner of the complex holds a “White Christmas” party for tenants and VIPs on Christmas Eve, with helicopters circling above with huge lights attached below them, sprinkling snow onto the party. During the preparation, circumstances happened in the kitchen area though it is a minor fire case Dae-ho still arise the situation to Mr. Cha, the Tower Sky’s safety section head, the building has faulty water sprinklers due to frozen pipes but Mr, Cha’s priority is the upcoming event.

The time has come, a spectacular show is getting started. After Mr.Jo’s speech, the helicopter sprayed snow over the complex. While the party is in full swing, huge gusts of wind caused one of the helicopters to lose control, and the attached lights crash into the glass bridge connecting the two Tower Sky buildings and into a side of one of the buildings. Another one of the helicopters then crashes into the building, causing the helicopter to leak fuel and the building catches fire.   

Meanwhile, at the fire station, it’s the first day for Lee Seon-woo entering as a firefighter and it is his first day experiencing what truly a firefighter life is. The next scene of the film becomes more intense and thrilling as firefighters, Dae-ho and everyone else trapped inside the building are making their way to survive.      

The Tower Cast

Actors / Actresses: Son Ye-jin, Kim Sang-kyung, Sol Kyung-gu, Kim In-kwon, Ahn Sung-ki, Song Jae-ho, Lee Han-wi, Jung In-gi, Cha In-pyo, Kim Sung-oh, Do Ji-han, Park Chul-min

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