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The Vanished Full Movie (2018)

The Vanished Full Movie (2018)

The Vanished 2018 is a South Korean psychological, mystery- thriller film directed by Lee Chang-Hee. Starring Kim Hee-ae, Kim Sang-kyung and Kim Kang-woo

The Vanished Plot

Yoon Seol- hee is a married woman and came from a wealthy family, after she died her body mysteriously vanished in the funeral. Her husband, profesor Park Jin- han was being questioned by detective Jung- sik and his team. Before the meet up, it turned out that Jin- han has a secret affair with a student whom he rushed to find and seek for comfort right after the funeral.

Series of strange events occurred upon the interrogation that led Jin- han to believe that Seol- hee is alive. Afraid that his wife is still alive and might harm his girlfriend, Jin-han spit out the truth. More and more evidence shows the connection of Jin- han to his wife’s death which detective Jung- sik’s believe that Jin- han poisoned his wife, stole and hamper with the examination of the body. Regardless of the irate Chief, Jin- han continues searching for the missing body.  He then bumped into detective Jung- sik who had been following him, from this point, mysteries started to be revealed.  

The Vanished Cast

Actors / Actresses: Kim Hee-ae, Kim Sang-kyung, Kim Kang-woo, Han Ji-an, Lee Min-ji, Kim Ji-young, Ahn Chang-hwan, Kwon Hae-hyo, Seo Hyun-woo

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