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The Whistleblower Full Movie (2014)

The Whistleblower Full Movie (2014)

The Whistleblower 2014 is a South Korean drama film directed by Yim Soon-rye. Starring Park Hae-il and Yoo Yeon-seok

The Whistleblower Plot

Yoon Min-cheol is a TV news producer, and is desperate for a scoop for his investigative journalism program PD Chase. He’s patience pays off, a tip from a man who formerly worked at The New Man Medical, the biggest sterillity clinic in Korea, buys ova illegally. The whistleblower is so sure about his statement though it has no proof to solidify itself. The New Man Medical has built a good reputation and for that many common citizens, sympathizers, strongly believe in the Doctors and Scientist capability of helping their patients cured from illness such as cancer.

The case gets bigger as Yoon discovers that scientist Lee Jang-hwan seems to be involved in the case. Lee had gained widespread acclaim and press attention following his groundbreaking experiments cloning human embryonic stem cells, and is considered a national hero whose research may mean the cure to several illnesses. Yoon hesitates whether to pursue such a revered and powerful figure, but as a journalist, he continues what he started and let the citizens know what is right and wrong. Along with him is Shim Min-ho, the whistleblower, who claims that Lee’s stem cell research has largely been fabricated and unethical. The two join forces to expose Lee’s scientific fraud and bring the truth to the public, despite its disbelieving and harsh reaction.    

The Whistleblower Cast

Actors / Actresses: Park Hae-il, Yoo Yeon-seok, Lee Geung-young, Ryu Hyun-kyung, Park Won-sang, Song Ha-yoon, Jang Gwang, Kwon Hae-hyo, 

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