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The Wicked Full Movie (2014)

The Wicked Full Movie (2014)

The Wicked 2014 is a South Korean horrorthriller film directed by Yoo Young-seon. Starring Park Joo-hee, Na Soo-yoon, and Lee Mi-so 

The Wicked Plot

Freshly hired to a company, Se-yeong is already into Lee-sun’s attention but Se-yeong knows how to fight back. She’s the girl who knows how to reverse a story and change people’s sympathy. Rumors against Se-yeong being a witch scattered too fast, other information about her childhood is that her mother died the day she was born and their father got suicide after Se-min, her sister died due to severe illness. But Se-yeong’s version is that her sister Se-min became weak the day Se-yeong was born. Her sister is the weakest link and so their parents’ attention goes to Se-min, while none had left for her. Every time she saw an unfair treatment between the two of them, she physically hurt herself by cutting her palm or piercing it with a pencil. In the end, Se-yeong wishes Se-min to die and it happened. Their father couldn’t take the incident and commit suicide and their mother’s next. Se-yeong successfully got her colleague’s attention and became close to her.

Lee-sun became intrigued at Se-yeong’s personal life and so she dug up her background. Other stories about Se-yeong is that she is possessed by a ghost, others say she’s a witch but surely Se-yeong is only a wicked person that is more dangerous to handle…even Lee-sun didn’t notice what she’s facing.        

The Wicked Cast

Actors / Actresses: Park Joo-hee, Na Soo-yoon, Lee Mi-so, Shin Ye-jin, Han Jae-yi, Lee Ik-joon, Kim Tae-joon, Mi So-yun, Jung Hee-tae, Jo Seul-hee, Kim Hye-jin  

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