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The Wrath Full Movie (2018)

The Wrath Full Movie (2018)

The Wrath 2018 is a South Korean horrormystery film directed by Yoo Yeong-seon. Starring Seo Young-hee, Son Na-eun and Park Min-ji

The Wrath Plot

An orphan girl named Ok-bun was sent to Lady Shin house to be wed by Yeon-du but Myeong-gyoo forcely owned the girl instantly. Myeong-gyoo is the son of Jang (Lady Shin’s husband) who is clever and is obsessed with hunting the evil spirit, unfortunately the vengeful spirit is no match for him.

The monk and the shaman warned Ok-bun to leave the house without any delay after Myeong-gyoo’s death to avoid the wrath of the said spirit but Lady Shin stopped her, instead letting her stay as she knew that Ok-bun is pregnant by Myeong-gyoo. Despite the fact that Lady Shin and her two other in-laws were ungrateful towards her, and yet she stayed in the house. A constant nightmares showed up everytime she fell asleep. Later, Ok-bun found out the mystery behind the extreme anger spirit of Wol-ah (the concubine who carried Jang’s baby) got killed by him. And now, she had no time to run, Ok-bun bravely face the wrath of Wol-ah      

The Wrath Cast

Actors / Actresses: Seo Young-hee, Son Na-eun, Park Min-ji, Lee Tae-ri, Son Sung-yoon, Lee Jae-ah, Choi Hong-il, Kim Hee-sang

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