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To Catch A Virgin Ghost Full Movie (2004)

To Catch A Virgin Ghost Full Movie (2004)

To Catch A Virgin Ghost 2004 is a South Korean horrorcomedy film directed by Shin Jeong-won. Starring Im Chang-jung and Shin Yi

To Catch A Virgin Ghost Plot

Seok-tae was successful in running away with the diamonds from his group and Yang-yi. He meets deceitful villagers with dark pasts. Unfortunately, Seok-tae hit his head on the floor and passed out, the villagers discovered the diamond in his nose. To keep the secret, the villagers decide to hide Seok-tae’s body and the diamond. 

Yang-yi’s gang locate Seok-tae. Fearless Yang-yi and his men interrogate the villagers but no one speaks of Seok-tae whereabouts. Yang-yi starts dreaming and seeing ghosts while staying in the area and it went crazy when they found the places that appeared in his dream. They saw an abandoned house and made their way inside but they hurried back outside naked when a creepy- angry voice echoed throughout the building. Back at the villagers house, they saw Seok-tae’s belongings drop on the ground and confront the villagers (this time they made it worthy).

Startled and full of regrets, the villagers don’t want to lose the diamonds and become aggressive. Just when Yang-yi and his men are about to leave the area the villagers stop them. Struggling to survive, Yang-yi jumped the cliff, found himself in the old house, unable to walk fast- he chose to shelter inside the house. He had to endure all the fears of seeing a ghost rather than turn himself over those insane villagers. Surprisingly, the ghost awakened Yang-yi’s good side (the soft-hearted and kind person he is) and help the lonely ghost take revenge on her behalf.     

To Catch A Virgin Ghost Cast

Actors / Actresses: Im Chang-jung, Shin Yi, Eun-kyeong Lim, Kwoo Oh-joong, Kim Yoon-seok, Byun Hee-bong, Woo Hyun, Park Hyuk-kwon, Myeong- shin Park, Won- young 

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