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Traffickers Full Movie (2012)

Traffickers Full Movie (2012)

Traffickers 2012 is a South Korean crimethriller film directed by Kim Hong-seon. Starring Im Chang-jung, Jo Yoon-hee, and Oh Dal-su

Traffickers Plot

A black market dealer, Young-gyu decides to wash his hands off his illegal activities and start a new life the day his best friend dies. After a year, he seemed to do the dirty job once again for the sake of Yu-ri (the girl who he cares about).

Young-gyu agrees to do the job one last time, his smuggling ring gets back together for a final run, and they resume their M.O. of operating out of a ferry boat. As they cross the sea, the gang silently strikes their victim just among the passengers.     

Traffickers Cast

Actors/ Actresses: Im Chang-jung, Jo Yoon-hee, Oh Dal-su, Choi Daniel, Jung Ji-yoon, Jo Dal-hwan, Lee Young-hoon, Shin Seung-hwan, Choi Il-hwa, Ra Mi-ran, Go Jung-il

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