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Vampire Cop Ricky Full Movie (2006)

Vampire Cop Ricky Full Movie (2006)

Vampire Cop Ricky 2006 is a South Korean crimefantasy film directed by Lee Si-myung. Starring Kim Su-ro and Jo Yeo-jeong

Vampire Cop Ricky Plot

Transformed into a mosquito, a vampire travels from Transylvania to Seoul where it bites Na Do- yul, a corrupt police officer who receives dirty money from crime boss Tak Mun- su. But their partnership ends when Do- yul refused to kill detective Kang (his best friend) after retrieving the logbook as Tak’s order. In return, Tak beats Do- yul badly and ended his life. A priest came to rescue Do-yul, revive him from death and led his way to being human, not being a monster. And so Do- yul must control his temper, avoid girls that makes him hard-on and above all never suck human blood. But Tak is already after Do- yul once more, this time after knowing that Do- yul is still alive he kidnapped Yeon-hee (Do-yul’s girlfriend) to lure Do- yul.        

Vampire Cop Ricky Cast

Actors / Actresses: Kim Su-ro, Jo Yeo-jeong, Chun Ho-jin, Son Byong-ho, Oh Kwang-rok

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