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Windstruck Full Movie (2004)

Windstruck Full Movie (2004)

Windstruck 2004 is a South Korean romancedrama film directed by Kwak Jae-yong. Starring Jun Ji-hyun and Jang Hyuk

Windstruck Plot

Officer Yeo Kyung-jin is an ambitious young female police officer. One day she accidentally captures Go Myung-woo, a physics teacher who was actually trying to catch the thief. After the police release him, Myung-woo discovers the stolen purse but just as he picks it up Kyung-jin spots him and tries to arrest him again. Kyung-jin is then given the job of escorting Myung-woo through a dangerous district but she gets distracted when she tries to break up a meeting between the Russian Mafia and Korean gangsters. She handcuffed Myung-woo with her and brought down the two rival gangs. That is where the two started to develop a relationship, build their dreams and made promises to each other.

The film takes a turn into the fantasy genre in its second half after Myung-woo is accidentally shot and killed by another officer (although the situation is such that Kyung-jin thinks that it was her shot that killed him) as Kyung-jin chases after a criminal. Kyung-jin falls into a suicidal depression over his death and attempts to kill herself several times. Soon after, she experiences visitations from Myung-woo, who appears as the wind, sending her messages and at one point, he even appears in her dreams in order to give her the will to live after she is nearly shot to death by a criminal.

After the incidents happened, Kyung-jin and Myung-woo communicated for the last time. It was Myung-woo’s 49th day of death and it is his final gesture of love before he moves on to the afterlife. Myung-woo said that he will whisper when she hears him whisper in the wind, she will meet someone with a soul like him. Myung-woo told Kyung-jin that he will always be beside her.

Windstruck Cast

Actors / Actresses: Jun Ji-hyun, Jang Hyuk, Kim Jung-tae, Kim Su-ro, Lee Ki-woo, Im Ye-jin, Kim Chang-wan, Oh Jung-se, Kim Kwang-kyu

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