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Witch Board Full Movie (2004)

Witch Board Full Movie (2004)

Witch Board 2004 is a South Korean thriller, horror film directed by Ahn Byeong-ki. Starring Lee Se-un, Lee Yoo- ri and Kim Gyu- ri

Witch Board Plot

Lee Yoo-jin is a transfer student, she is constantly being bullied by a group of classmates along with two of her friends. One night, Yoo-jin comes up with an idea to curse their enemies together with her two friends by using a spirit board with which they write the names of the female bullies. The next morning it was a big shock to everyone in the school, the corpse of one of the bullies was found the same thing happened the next day. The sequence of killing doesn’t stop just right there, so Yoo-jin starts eating guilt and seeks help from her teacher. The killing bothers so much by a group of folks that held a big secret 30 years ago.     

Witch Board Cast

Actors / Actresses: Lee Se-un, Lee Yoo- ri, Kim Gyu- ri, Choi Jung- yoon, Seong Min- choi

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