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Wonderful Radio Full Movie (2012)

Wonderful Radio Full Movie (2012)

Wonderful Radio 2012 is a South Korean romance, comedydrama film directed by Kwon Chil-in. Starring Lee Min-jung and Lee Jung-jin

Wonderful Radio Plot

Once a lead singer of a popular girl group “Purple”, Shin Jin-ah, is now a radio DJ struggling to boost listener ratings, she’s a singer-composer trying to restart her career under Cha Dae-gun, her giddy manager.  “Wonderful Radio” a power FM Station a has been dropping ratings, so when the producer leaves to have a baby, the station manager assigns the ambitious Lee Jae-hyeok to take over with a brief to bring in some fresh ideas. Greatly dismayed by Jin-ah’s diva-ish attitude, the two don’t hit it off. Jae-hook challenges Jin-ah to come up with a new segment for the show, she gets an idea from her mom in which the public may come to the studio and sing a song to their loved ones, she calls the segment “The Song I Sing To You”. The segment results in big success, Jae-hyeok and Jin-ah start to bond. Despite the success, In-seok, the manager of TV drama actress Yoon Mi-ra and a major supplier of talent to the radio station, is plotting to bring Jin-ah down and replace her with Mi-ra, who still hates Jin-ah for leaving “Purple” at the height of its fame and causing the group’s break-up. 

Wonderful Radio Cast

Actors / Actresses: Lee Min-jung, Lee Jung-jin, Lee Kwang-soo, Kim Hae-sook, Kim Jung-tae, Kim Byeong-ok, Han Yeo-woon, Seo Young, Jeong Yu-mi, Jung Man-sik 

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